Frequently Asked Questions

What Does C.R.I.C. Stand For?

Community Recreation Improvement Committee.

C.R.I.C. operates as a non-profit organization of volunteers raising and administering funds
for recreational and cultural group activities and projects serving the Tottenham and District area. 

What is an Elimination Draw?

An elimination drawdown fundraiser basically involves participants purchasing tickets that make them eligible for a grand prize. During the event, ticket holders are eliminated and ticket numbers are called upon to win prizes. Once that ticket has been drawn, it is eliminated from the rest of the draw. The last ticket holder wins the grand prize.

Winners do not have to be present - but it's so much more fun when they are!!

How Much Is A Ticket?

Tickets are $60 each and admit up to 4 guests. A light buffet dinner is included with admission.

Entertainment includes a live band and DJ.


Where Can I Purchase A Ticket?

Tickets can be purchased from committee members and at Tottenham Home Hardware, Tottenham Cleaners, and Tottenham Foodland.  

What Are The Prizes?

Over $45,000 in cash and prizes to be won. With the support of Orangeville Honda, we are proud to offer a brand new Honda Civic valued over $24,000 as the grand prize. This prize is handed out to the 1000th ticket drawn, last ticket in the drum at the end of the night.

Why Should I Go?

This event, known just as "CRIC" is also known as the biggest and best party in town. It is a great way to meet people in your community.

All money raised benefits recreation and cultural projects/initiatives within Tottenham and area.