The C.R.I.C. Car Draw and Dance turns 40!

Sponsorship opportunities are available now. Tickets will be on sale soon.

On an annual basis, the Tottenham Community Recreation Improvement Committee holds a Car Draw and Dance event to raise funds that are injected right back into our community. At this time, sponsors are in the process of being confirmed for the upcoming 2018 event. Your support of the event allows for more prizes to be available and ultimately generates important funds for the community. 

Visit the events page to learn more about how you/your company can help make this year's event the biggest one yet.

We support our community

Improvement is in our name! C.R.I.C. proudly supports the Tottenham and District community. Visit the projects page to read about our efforts and the funding page to learn about how C.R.I.C. may be able to help support your culture or recreation goals. 

It takes a village

For forty years, our volunteer Committee has believed that by helping to make the community better, we make lives better. This goal needs you and your support either as an event volunteer or promoter, sponsor, ticket seller or ultimately event participant.   We hope you enjoy the new website and learn more about C.R.I.C. and how you too can be involved!